Prime destination for various pickles with the freshest ingredients and traditional recipes serving in Lyndhurst, NJ.

Gourmet pickles are available at Pickles Olives Etc. We selected some of the most delectably delicious pickles, particularly gourmet pickles, which are old-fashioned, and barrel cured. We only use the best ingredients and go above and beyond to provide the best customer service.

Our old-world recipe combines the freshest cucumbers and our truly time-tested, preservative-free pickling spices and freshly chopped garlic in our signature brine. These are barrel cured and allowed to sit for rich color, which makes every bite flavorful and enjoyable.

Our boldest gourmet pickles are the sweet horseradish and the sweet spicy ones. The difference of sweet horseradish chips comes from a punch of horseradish and a super-crunchy texture. When it comes to our sweet spicy pickles; the zest, the sweetness and the spice are found seasoned as a whole lot of flavors. In all opposite of these tastes our old-fashioned full sours are a special, delightful choice for those who are looking for that garlic-sour, tangy pickles.